Obedient Dogs

Police Dog
Obedience dogs are fundamentally trained in behavior. They are rigorously trained in immediate reactions to specific commands by the handler or trainer. Obedience dogs are used mostly as personal companions and German Shepherds are amongst the popular breed of dogs trained for basic obedience.

They are taught to react to visual or hand commands with the same accuracy as verbal commands. It is assured that the obedience dogs react immediately to your command with no time lag. While most dogs are trained in English, training in German or other native languages is also common and we would be pleased to train your dog to suit your language needs.

Your obedience dog will be well suited to public gatherings and will never put you in embarrassing situations. You will hardly ever have a complaint with your dog not taking your command well. These dogs help be your ultimate companions and will often be as dear to you as friends or a part of your family.

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