Find the Perfect Dog

Find the Perfect Dog

So are you confused with the choices available to you of different trainers, breeds and the variety of training programs by the other guys? Would you be relieved to know that you are not in it alone and that almost everyone is often in doubt of the decision when seeking the best dog for companionship as well as personal security?

We at are aware that these K9’s are expensive investments and that you are delivered only the best. You can rely on us for highest quality protection dogs with training which is unmatched in the industry.

Uncompromising Selection Testing

Our canine program starts long before you get your dog. It starts with a consultation on the phone or a visit to the customer to determine the breed of dog which will be temperamentally compatible with the client’s lifestyle. The dog’s sociability, activity level as well as training program is thus dependent on the client’s life aswell.

We hand select your dog and the top notch quality is thereby determined from the selection testing.

Choosing a Breed

In personal protection dogs, it is usually a choice between German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds. They make up for almost 99% of all protection and police dogs. Let those breeders tell you that other breeds perform better; but they very seldom do.

While a German Shepherd is mostly the ideal choice for personal protection dogs, a Belgian Malinois may do just as well but only with an active client or a trained professional handler. The German Shepherd is the most popular choice because of it’s temperament of home living and balance with work qualities and life styles.

Titled Dogs and Pedigrees

So before you make the transaction, you ought to make a consideration. European dogs that are not trained for police service or personal protection are titled dogs that are known as green dogs. They are given only basic foundational training, and the temperament is normally compatible for work. Your titled dog may be trained in a protection sport like IPO, Ring Sport, ZVV, Schutzhund etc. They help test the training in obedience, protection routines as well as tracking. However a titled dog may not be ready to be a police dog. It requires much more time and training to become a personal protection dog.

When they start, our dogs are green dogs too at times. However no extra charges are levied since they may not be as useful as a personal protection dog. However if the customer chooses a particular breed of a green dog to train in a particular sport, the charges may vary.

Training Time

No exact training period can be determined since each dog has their own capacity to be trained, like humans. However, 8-12 weeks is the normal time we allot to training our protection dogs. However, if we have dogs in training stage already, you may not have to wait as much for your dog to be delivered!


We accustom all our K9’s to the changes they might face in their new environment. All our K9’s are trained to adjust to the idea of travelling in the car or by air, going to public gatherings as well as offices and being around people without getting short tempered.


You will receive a call from our trainer to schedule a delivery at your home and also impart to you certain handling skills which you might need. The trainer will make sure that your dog gets acquainted with you and is also comfortable in its surroundings. You will then be shown certain skills exhibiting the obedience gained over the training process of your dog. You will be instructed on how to handle your new dog and how to make it react in certain situations or to terminate the reaction. The delivery is thus a training session of its own.


You can rely on us for post delivery too. Your dog will be healthy and that would be checked by a very rigirous veterinary screening.

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