Dual Purpose

Training Police Dog
Dual Purpose Dogs combine the skills and elements of expertise of more than one type of K9. Most dual purpose dogs are K9’s who are fully trained as Police Dogs and can also detect the presence of explosives or narcotics. These dual purpose dogs are suitable for most protection dog activities and are trained such to assist their handler with all the major protection or detection needs.

Most law enforcement agencies and private security firms tend to take dual purpose dogs in use since they help in major cost saving as compared to maintaining and handling a team of dogs with different expertise. However, this is used only in smaller departments or as personal executive or celebrity dogs that require multi-trained K9’s rather than having a single expertise type of K9. It is often recommendable for most people in search of a protection dog suiting professional needs or those employed to service the needs of people at great safety threat to ensure that they take assistance of dual purpose dogs to ensure reflex actions both in recognizing dangerous factors as well as driving risks away.

The skill set of dual purpose dogs is mostly to detect safety threats at particular times while at others acting as police patrol canines.

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