Drug Detection

Working Dog Sniffing Out Drugs Or Explosives
Drug detection dogs trained by PoliceDogsforSale.com are trained in circumstances that keep them active and energetic as well as be pace setters by detecting illegal drugs or narcotics in an instant.

The drug detection dogs are reinforced positively with a play toy, rubber ball or other objects that help them be enthusiastic in detecting substances like drugs and narcotics. We, in the process monitor the dogs for any signs of rebellion caused by the reinforcement. Training to detect certain harmful or illegal drugs or narcotics is given in an atmosphere where the psychology of the dog is well screened and it is ensured that the exposure to any of these substances do not have an adverse effect on the dog’s psyche.

Some drugs that our team of K9’s are specifically trained to detect are heroin, cocaine, pharmaceuticals, methamphetamine’s and its derivatives as well as marijuana in most cases.

In cases of specific drugs banned, they are trained to detect those drugs as well. The training is done with registered samples and not with pseudo scents. This ensures that your dog will perform and detect any unfavorable substances without error.

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