Bomb Detection

Working Dog Sniffing Out Drugs Or Explosives
NYPD counter terrorism officers and NYPD transit bureau K-9 poli

Explosive or bomb detection dogs trained by are trained to be diligent and accurate in detecting all forms of explosives to minimize the possibilities of danger. They indicate to their handler the possibility of an explosive by smelling and then assuming an unassisted sit position or immediate barking towards the specific area or item.

Some explosives in which our dogs are specifically trained to detect include those that are commonly employed in making bombs. These include smokeless powder, PETN, C4, TNT, RDX, black powder, semtex, ammonium nitrate as well as water gel, detonation cord, dynamite and black powder fuse. We also keep our registered samples updated in case new explosive substances become popular in a particular region. We mostly make sure that we use real samples to train our dogs to perfection than using pseudo scents. In case of industrial use, we can train the dogs catering to specific needs of the client.

We make sure that our trained K9’s are versatile, highly accurate and adaptive to all situations of search.  We also offer handler training programs to help handle bomb detection canines.

What we take utmost care of is the fact that our dogs are trained to be obedient as well as work and focus under extremely distracting situations like gunfire, crowds and other visual or audio disturbances.

They are trained to search for explosives in high rise buildings, vehicles, luggage, aircraft and all other possible areas of threat. We ensure the highest of quality training thereby minimizing any possibilities of errors.

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